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Investing in an Emotional Savings Account

In some video game concepts, you earn points to get special elixirs or powers to use against your opponents or enemies when needed or up against challenges. I have learned through the years to count my blessings and one of the most valuable tools I have under my belt is to put them into an emotional bank. A sort of savings account for a rainy day, because if you live enough life, it will knock you down. This is the same concept to use and call on when it comes to the waves of emotions that we go through based on our circumstances or experiences and what we can pull from.

As someone who has suffered when I went through a very painful and debilitated bout of a panic disorder and agoraphobia in my 20s, which then prompted things like depression and so on, I knew in that time what it was like to feel empty. As wellness came into my life through a series of elixirs, modalities, tools, and emotional and spiritual practices, I was able to have a set of tools that I could use to deflect and breakdown an onset of emotions that I didn’t need to get attached to. This allowed me to prevent further suffering and help heal old emotional wounds.

As I continued to move through life with a little more experience, there were days when the world still seemed too big of a place to live in, or I felt buried in a whirlpool of emotional stress that felt like drowning. In those moments, I looked into my emotional savings account. In there, I kept a list of all my greatest moments and my accomplishments, all the good things that happened to me in my life and when the world seemed lost, I would make a withdrawal to counter those bad feelings of doubt and worry and balance them with all the good emotional moments. This allowed me to shake myself out of this mood, get up and off my feet, and have a restored faith in myself and the world around me.

Whether you are having a bad time in life and things are not going your way, you feel like life past you by, or you’ve been hurt by a loved one or betrayed, these are all things that are part of life. I believe it’s the way we look at things and how we process them that dictate the amount of suffering we go through. The healing process is a delicate process, and the truth is that most of us don’t have tools to know how to deal with our emotions, especially the negative ones without the help of professional care. Even if you don’t have a therapist or don’t have health insurance, there are things that you can do like create an emotional savings account. Fill it up with your most treasured memories, accomplishments, victories, and adventures and when the world or a situation has you down, open that bank up, make a withdrawal, and replace those bad feelings with memory recall of all the good ones. It works!


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